Advise Me?

Advise Me?

So I’m kind of in a reading slump right now. It sucks. I have a big pile of library books and an even bigger pile of tbr books and I actually do want to read them but when I try I can’t stay focussed for longer than a chapter. I don’t know why. Did I mention that it sucks?

It seems like I’m not going to be working this week, which also kind of sucks because I need the money, but that’s a whole different rant. My point is, I’m not working, and since I thought I would be I don’t have plans. So I’m making a plan, and the plan is to drag myself out of this slump.

And that’s where you come in, beloved blog reader. How do I de-reading-slump myself? What tips do you have? What do I do when I can’t focus on books I’ve been excited to read for months? How do I catch up on my Goodreads challenge, where I’m currently 7 books behind. Please advise.


2 thoughts on “Advise Me?

  1. My advice is to read something you love first. I know you and I know you have been reading a bit but reading something you love first for a few minutes before starting a new book for the first few days works. Trust me. It worked for me. Sounds insane but it did. Xx


    1. Particularly when your stuck in a not reading rut. Remember when I was reading Les Mis and I had that chart on my wall. Re-read one day, TBR the next, Les Mis a few times a week. It really works. Xx


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